Future of Furry4Life and FurriesXtreme networks

By shymatsi, 25 January, 2024
image of the Furry4Life banner with art from the artist Blotch

My apologies! My networks are down and I am devastated. 

Long story short, our host passed away and they were a reseller. Since their hosting bills have not been paid, GoDaddy terminated their services to them which affected all hosted networks. The sales rep at GoDaddy informed me that this happens often! This is also very upsetting to hear because that means there are a lot of other site owners, like me, who just see their sites vanish because of events beyond our control. 

I am dealing with a lot of life lessons from this experience, and I am at fault for not backing the site backups to an off-site hard drive that I own. I have limited hard drive space, so our host set up a drive that I could save backups to, also connected to the same GoDaddy server. The last backup I have for each site is 3 years old and 500Gbs. Money is tight and the donations networks do even not bring in enough to cover their costs, let alone extras like external drives and other add-ons. 

GoDaddy offered to recreate it with the backup I have for $3,000. Which is a price I cannot afford. So now, I'm currently looking into more options. It appears that all data after that backup may be lost for good if I cannot contact a Power of Attorney for our host. GoDaddy will not restart our host's services without proper documents and permission from the host's estate. Our host was also private and did not leave contact information or real names.

I am very sorry things turned out this way. As I mentioned, I've learned some valuable lessons from this about hosting services, resellers, and more! Will definitely be looking into ways to continue the spirit of the networks, I do not want this to be the end of the story for the networks. 

We currently do have a presence on Telegram, Discord, and VRChat. Hopefully, I can bring something to you soon. The worst-case scenario is starting with a clean slate.

@FurriesXtreme (18 and older only) 

Furry4life: discord.gg/ Gxrb9cPr 
FurriesXtreme (18 and older only): discord.gg mxD2c8k7 

Furry4Life: https://vrc.group/F4L.8185 
FurriesXtreme (18 and older only): https://vrc.group/FXFURS.5675